A search for higher meaning, dissatisfaction with the status quo and a sense that you’re the first person to feel this way. You're not.

A semi-satirical coming of age story told by handmade wooden puppets.

"This quiet, unassuming short with a truly excellent and funny script is tearjerkingly perfect."

It's Nice That

‘DIS \ CONNECT’ was my graduation film from the Illustration & Animation course at Kingston University. All models and sets were hand-made from wood & card, hundreds of individual pieces were designed, cut, sanded, glued and painted. Rather than stop-motion, the film was shot live-action with strings and rods controlling the puppets and everything was captured in-camera.


Additional credits:

Voiceover - Tom Hillenbrand

Sound Design - James Green

Additional Model Making - Pedro Foppa

Additional Puppetry - Thea Glad, Matt King, Gus Scott, Sam Stobart, Imogen Woolley