Director, Animator, Illustrator, Maker.


Based in London

(+44)7446 973 890

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I have a passion for making. Whether that be through animation, illustration, film-making or carving a spoon from a slab of oak. My aim is to bring a thoughtful approach to whatever it is that I tackle; creativity with a strong sense of design and an emphasis on concept and storytelling.

My work tends to explore the blurry line where the intangible and physical meet. Pairing cutting edge technology, like virtual reality, with raw physical materials, and always keeping the user at the centre of the experience.

Formerly based at the Google Creative Lab where I worked on a diverse range of projects; from interactive virtual reality, to user experience design, as well as animation.

Before that I was an Animation Director at Beakus, as well as working with people like The Royal Opera House, BBC Worldwide, Nexus Productions & Blink Ink.

My work has been shown at festivals across the world and I'm the proud owner of a D&AD Award & Vimeo Staff Pick.

Graduated with First Class Honours in Illustration & Animation BA(Hons) at Kingston University 2014.

Why a pair of antlers?
The origin of my family name is 'Son of Hind' - a hind being a type of deer.